Schedule 2015


2015 The Sultanate of Oman and the Royal Cavalry of Oman again partner of the " 160km of Florac ".


The Sultanate of Oman, and the Royal Cavalry of Oman, decided to support again in 2015 Lozère Endurance Equestre in the organization of the various events. We thank them for it.


To 2 of 6 September 2015:

les "160km de FLORAC" - "la Semaine du Cheval du vallon d'Ispagnac"


Thursday 3rd September 120km d'Ispagnac CEI and CEN**
Thursday 3rd September 140km Critérium Young Horse 8 CEI***
Saturday 5th September 160km de Florac CEI and CEN***


Schedule 2015

CEI3* 160km  CEI2* 120km  CEI3* 140km


Tuesday 1st September

Welcome riders, opening of the stables

Installation Exhibitors of Equine Village at Ispagnac, Equine Village


Wednesday 2nd September

Equine Village

Local Breeding Competition (2 and 3 years old foals, males and females and broad mares)

5.00 p.m. Initial Vet Check of 120km (CEI2*)/140km (CEI3*) of Ispagnac

Followed by the Briefing riders


Thursday 3rd September

"les 120km d’Ispagnac", "Critérium des 8 ans de 140km"

6.30 a.m. Start CEI3* 

7.00 a.m. Start CEI2*

Equine Village

7.00 p.m. Prize giving of the races


Friday 4th September

Equine Village

10.00 a.m. Presentation and sales of endurance horses

12.00 p.m. Open Ceremony at Ispagnac, pré Morjals

Briefing riders and delivery of numbers, followed by a drink offered by Florac Towns hall

5.00 p.m. Initial Vet Check for the 160km


Saturday 5th September "les 160km de Florac"

4.30 a.m. Start of the CEI*** of Florac

Race Track: Ispagnac – Florac – Barre des Cévennes – Bécède – Mont Aigoual – Camprieu – Meyrueis – Causse Méjean (Citerne, and after Fichade) – Ispagnac.

Equine Village

6.00 p.m. Podium Press, Television

8.00 p.m. Gala dinner


Sunday 6th September

Equine Village

10.30 a.m. Award of the Best Physical Condition Gaston Mercier

11.30 a.m. Prize giving and Final Ceremony of the race at Ispagnac with the Final Gallop