History of the Florac Race


In 1975, the equestrian raid « 160 Km de Florac ® », the Parc National
des Cévennes has initiated the first real endurance competition on horseback that took place inFrance.
35 years after its first edition, it became one of the big « classicals» of the discipline, but also a real myth…
An emblematic race every endurance rider dreams of winning one day.
The myth of  the « 160 Km de Florac » was built on the difficulties of the race:
important height differences, extreme temperatures, the length of the race,
but also its beauty, its grandeur, the diversity of the landscapes and the crossed places,
situated mostly in the center of the Parc National des Cévennes.
Labelled "MASTER INTERNATIONAL" in 2003, the race is today one of the most important
worldwide races.
In 2010 was Test ride of the European Championship, and in 2011 Open FEI European Championship!

Winners of Florac in the past

2014 - Major Armor, with Faleh Nasser Bughenaim

2013 - Kefraya Jaïs, with Cécile Demierre

2012 - Easy Fontnoire, with Laurent Mosti

2011 - Kalifa, with Ali Khalfan Al Jahouri (Open European Championship)

2010 - Shararat, with Sarah Chakil
2009 - Al Dabaran, with Morgane Payen
2008 - Minnie du Cambou, with Sophie Watteau
2007 - Shaman (Persik x Mebarka  par  Nichem), with Cécile Demierre
2006 - Ganda Koy (Shogun x Slowacki par Persik), with Franck Lance
2005 - Orkara, with Katie Smith
2004 - Issane El Fayssett (Persik x Diardob  par  Diarex), with Stephanie Arnal
2003 - Douar, with Simon Bellot
2002 - Falene de la Drome, with Cécile Miletto
2001 - Fabella des Mas, with Ludovic Saroul
2000 - Decibelle de Paute, with Celine Schwartz
1999 - Magida (Persik x Jerezana  par Habdur), with Denis Pesce
1998 - Seskia, with Vincent Dupont
1997 - Ratzia d'Alauze (Persik x Azia Bint Djebelia par Fawzan), with Denis Pesce
1996 - Shabaya al Shatane, with Ollivier Yvon
1995 - Orizzanese, with Dionisi Patrick
1994 - Tex (Persik  x Vanda), with Denis Pesce
1993 - Melfenik Hippomar, with Denis Pesce
1992 - Radjani, with Jerome Alonso
1991 - Quatiba, with Genevieve Planas
1990 - Melfenik Hippomar (Persik  x  Belle), with Denis Pesce
1989 - Outlaw Persik (Persik  x  Zilavka), with Catherine Boisseron
1988 - Krempolis (Persik  x  Mercédès), with Denis Pesce
1987 - Melfenik Hippomar (Persik  x  Belle), with Denis Pesce
1986 - Krempolis (Persik  x  Mercédès), with Denis Pesce
1985 - Ibrahim, with M.Chabost
1983 - Incompris, with Yves Aimé
1982 - Krempolis (Persik  x  Mercédès), with Hubert Baeyens

1975 et 1976 - Persik (Kankan  x  Pamiatka par Arax)

 Under: Sarah Chakil at the arrival en 2010